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Investing in the coming Kingdom

The bible undeniably describes the coming of a new Kingdom through the return of Jesus Christ. It will be a day like no other. This is a reality for believers that comes with hope and responsibility. Hope for that long-awaited day of the Lord, and the responsibility of knowing there is much work to be done while still on this planet.

Stay Strong, Live Ready

1 Thessalonians is a book full of encouragement, history, tips on how to live, & hope for the future! The next few weeks will be all about 1st Thessalonians and the themes covered in it.


"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8. We're called to tell people about Jesus, but that can be HARD! In this series, let's make sharing Jesus with someone normal! 

Move Up Sunday

This service focuses on Family Ministry. Our kids will be moving up to their new age group classes.

Baptism Sunday: It Is Never Too Late

This Sunday we're celebrating the sacred act of baptism and reaffirmation.

Origins: Revisited

The Bible is God’s word & can transform the life of someone who reads, studies, applies, and obeys it. Sunday, we’ll dive into the scriptures and the impact they can have this summer.

Summer In The Scriptures

The Bible is God’s word & can transform the life of someone who reads, studies, applies, and obeys it. Sunday, we’ll dive into the scriptures and the impact they can have this summer.

I Wish My Dad

The father child relationship is a powerful one with plenty of Biblical examples. In this sermon series, let's dial into Proverbs as King Solomon reflects on few but cherished moments with his own father David. In this series, experience the power of open, honest conversations between dads and kids and consider the potential for them in your own life.

Family Tree

Family - the gift that God gave humanity to carry us through this life. He knew that sin would separate us from His presence. He knew that we would need protective and nurturing relationships to keep us from isolation. Family was His answer from the beginning as recorded in Genesis. 

Life of Legacy

In today's culture, the idea of leaving a legacy is often tied to physical attributions. How much money will I leave? How's my estate? But, deep in the heart of a woman who seeks the God of the bible lies an unshakable truth. Driven by love, she holds a standard high for all eyes to see. A desire to pass on the best of life to the next generation.


God has called us to spread His word & love all over. You could say, He's called us to Scatter! Let's go into every sector of society – business, the arts, education – and be good at what we do, gain favor in the workplace, and have the credibility and freedom to share our faith boldly.

I Am Chosen

God chooses us. There's no doubt about that, but the enemy tries to make us believe otherwise. In this series we look at people from the Bible and how God chose them despote thier flaws.


Hey there! Thank you for stopping by our website. If you are searching for a great church, I want to invite you to Tipp City United Methodist Church. This church desires to see lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and that's something that happens every week! What an honor it is to be on this journey with people! I look forward to meeting you soon! God bless.

 - Pastor Dan